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Top 9: Highlights from my Weekly Checklist in August

Top 9: Highlights from my Weekly Checklist in August


And just like that, summer is over.

Now 2018 begins her steep downhill trajectory to Christmas (I'm guessing Walmart will be putting up Christmas trees in the next few days).

As we begin a new season and a new month, here is a glimpse of my Weekly Checklist e-newsletter.

In my Weekly Checklist email, which I send to other pilgrims like you, I share what I have found challenging, beautiful, and inspiring from the past week. Videos, songs, podcasts, and articles that are helping me as a student of life.

Here are my Top 9 highlights from the past month (also you can sign up to receive the Weekly Checklist by clicking here):   

  1. One of my favorite discoveries in West Africa has been the baobab fruit. And, what do you know, it may be coming to a store near you. Here's more about this superfood.
  2. Here's a few thoughts from Seth Godin about "sunk costs", described as only Seth can craft it.
  3. Forget Google - here's a search engine that plants trees. It's called Ecosia.
  4. Recently I signed up for this class on Sikhism as I continue to learn more about my in-laws and their religion. If you haven't checked out (free!) edX courses yet - you definitely should. Their wide spectrum of topics is guaranteed to have something that you'll be interested in.
  5. Can you do nothing for 2 minutes? Here's a webpage where you can listen to some peaceful waves, whilst challenging your abilities to do nothing else for 120 seconds. Click here to check it out. 
  6. A recent survey shows that more public education is needed related to Narcan and the opioid crisis.
  7. Uber is disrupting cities across Africa. Here's more about their multi-faceted approach to transforming transportation in urban centers throughout the continent.
  8. My newest blog post is about a recent youth event my wife and I were a part of here in Accra. It was a wonderful event that also taught me alot. Check out what I learned in this post.
  9. And, lastly, one quote I have been wrestling with recently: "I think it is fair to say that in the Western church, we have by and large lost the art of disciple making. We have done so partly because we have reduced it to the intellectual assimilation of ideas, partly because of the abiding impact of cultural Christianity embedded in the Christendom understanding of church, and partly because the phenomenon of consumerism in our own day pushes against a true following of Jesus.” - Alan Hirsch (Forgotten Ways - which I completed reading in August)

My belief is that in order to be like Christ and to have His compassion - we must keep learning as children of God & students of God's Creation.

Hope these links help you help others.


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