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I Choose Life (my thoughts on this election)

I Choose Life (my thoughts on this election)

I typically keep my political affiliations to myself, often because I am annoyed by others who are super-political during this time in the political cycle of the United States. And I don't want to be 'that' person.

And do we really need another blog post on voting against one candidate or voting "for" Jesus? 

Maybe not. 

But today it is election primary day in Indiana (where my wife and I currently reside) and politics is heavy on my mind after voting this morning. I had alot of time to think at my voting location - not because of a long line but because another voter blocked my car in with theirs. Which left me with 10-15 minutes in my car waiting for that person to finish voting.

I've heard countless talks, engaged in too many conversations, and skimmed unlimited amounts of articles about politics and faith. 

Are the two compatible? Are they in stark contrast to each other? 

Here's the answer: I DON'T KNOW.

Yep, I believe that being a good citizen involves being engaged in the civic realm but I also believe that our hope does not lie in a politician - but in Jesus Christ. How that tension is held in balance is something I am still journeying to figure out. 

But this I do know, that I do not put my hope in any party or politician. They are human (and we all know how unreliable humans are!) but I vote in support of one thing: 


God has given us the gift of life and I am passionate about doing everything I can throughout my life to protect life. 

Life before birth.

Life at the end of life.

Life for those stricken with poverty.

Life for those stricken with excess.

Life for free people.

Life for enslaved people.

Life for imprisoned people. 

Life regardless of our ethnicity or story.

I vote for LIFE. For everyone. Period.
— Jeremy Height

For those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ, we serve a God who "came that [we] may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)

And we are called to aid in the unleashing of Jesus' Kingdom in this world. 

The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of LIFE.
— Jeremy Height

So today, as best as I could, I voted for life. 

But I don't just vote for life today. My responsibility is to vote for life every single day of my life through my actions and words. I must stand for life everyday. Today I just voted for life in a unique way. 

So who do I support? 

I choose life.

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