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End-Of-Year Giving

End-Of-Year Giving

We recently sprinted through the back-to-back-to-back holidays following Thanksgiving (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday) and are moving full steam ahead to the conclusion of 2016. 

The last two months of each calendar year are always filled to the brim for people with events, projects, and responsibilities related to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.

And for many people, the end of the year also coincides with an extra level of generosity - whether it be through toy donations, coat drives, or end-of-year gifts to worthy causes.

For some people their generosity increases due to tax purposes, but for others it is the spirit of the season which drives them to seek to spread joy.

Regardless of the reasoning, end-of-year giving can make a pivotal impact in the work of non-profits. For many non-profits, a significant percentage of their annual support is raised during the last quarter of the calendar year.

And yet, maybe there is something more important we can all commit to donate this December. 

Our Time. 

While financial support of worthy causes continues to be an important way for each of us to make a difference, we often neglect the impact our time investment can make as well. Volunteering is a phenomenal way to invest in the organizations you are most passionate about.

And a volunteer hour is not cheap. The most recent calculations place the price of a volunteer hour at $23.56 per hour. That's quite the investment!

Donating your time as a volunteer makes as much of a difference (sometimes even more of a difference) than just donating your money does. Just imagine the impact you can make by donating your time and financial support to a cause!

Volunteering allows an organization to spread their available resources farther and accomplish more on the same financial budget. Without volunteers, many organizations would cease to be as successful and efficient as they are!

Simply put, volunteers are the key to success for non-profits.
— Jeremy Height

What causes and organizations are you already donating to? And how do you partner with them? (time, money, in-kind gifts, etc.) Comment below and share with others why they should check out your favorite non-profits as well!

This December, commit to investing in making a difference with both TIME and MONEY.

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