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Top 9: Highlights from my Weekly Checklist in January

Top 9: Highlights from my Weekly Checklist in January

We are now through the first month of 2019 - how crazy is that? With polar vortexes, government shutdowns, and plenty of breaking news, it has been quite the month. As January concludes, I want to give you a glimpse of my Weekly Checklist from throughout the past month.

In my Weekly Checklist email, which I send to fellow students of life, I share what I have found challenging, beautiful, and inspiring from the past week. Videos, songs, podcasts, and articles that are helping me as a life-long learner.

Here are my Top 9 highlights from the past month (also you can sign up to receive the Weekly Checklist by clicking here):   

  1. My family and I spent part of 2018 living one country separated from what some call "Africa's Last Colony" - the highly controversial area known as the Western Sahara. This in-depth story by The New Yorker explains the history of the Western Sahara and Morocco, the impact of colonization on this conflict, and why the forty year debate on the sovereignty of the Western Sahara is back in the news in 2019. Here's the full article.

  2. "The U.S. has added 10,000 [dollar stores] since 2001. But some towns and cities are trying to push back." Here is why.

  3. Juan de Onate is not a well-known conquistador nowadays. At least he wasn't until a statue of Onate lost a foot in New Mexico. From 99% Invisible, here's an eye-opening story of forgotten history, ethnic tensions, and learning from our past.

  4. The Poor Can't Afford Not to Wear Nice Clothes.

  5. Chicago is faced with a terrible crisis - gun violence. And the Chicago Tribune is trying to raise awareness of this crisis by keeping a running tally of stats and infographics on shootings and their victims. Here are several stark infographics on this tragedy.

  6. For those of you who have ever heard me talk about podcasts, you know that my favorite podcast series is Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. And he just released a new (4 hour) episode on Japan during the Asia-Pacific War. 

  7. "You can keep an ineffective program funded for years if you're good at fund-raising"...but "It's sad when something that you thought might actually solve a problem turns out not to...It's much sadder to waste resources." Here's why one nonprofit has stopped accepting donations while they focus on measuring their actual impact.

  8. Meet the new technology that is creating water from air and sunlight. While I'm still researching it more, it seems like a potentially life-changing step into the future has just been made.

  9. And, lastly, one quote I have been wrestling with recently: “Tolerance is the response of the powerful to the less powerful. It carries no imperative to actively help those who are vulnerable, whereas hospitality calls us to enter into relationship with those who are different.” - Michael Frost

What do you think?

Let me know which of these 9 highlights you like the best by commenting below!

My belief is that in order to be like Christ and to have His compassion - we must keep learning as children of God & students of God's Creation.

Hope these links help you help others.


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