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Join the Movement

Join the Movement

Where to start?

Is that a common question for you as you're faced with the overwhelming sea of possibilities in front of you?

If you’re like me, this question stumps you at buffets and on Netflix – not to mention in more meaningful decisions in life, such as how to make on impact in your neighborhood.

Whether you are an individual, family, not-for-profit, or local church, the question of where to start can be a paralyzing one.

With numerous opportunities and countless needs, the question of how you can be an impactful part of improving your community can produce paralysis rather than action.

Here’s the thing. Your neighborhood needs more action. Not more brainstorming.
— Jeremy Height

Now, an important caveat, planning is important with anything you embark on in life. But if planning is all that we ever accomplish – then we have failed. We need quality ideas that are acted on in our communities. In our cities. In our countries.

We need action.

So, if you are looking to make a difference in your community, get started – today. (Unless you are reading this late at night – like when I am writing this in an airport in Chicago – then you can go ahead and wait until tomorrow morning.)

And don’t worry about needing to start something new yourself. In every community there is something good, something quality, and something transformative already in existence. Join that positive movement. Whether it be joining programming at the local library, YMCA, or schools. Or joining with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or a neighborhood association.

There is positive movement in EVERY community.

Find it.

Join the movement.

Get started with momentum in your neighborhood and go from there.

So where should you start?

Start with what is going well. And start today.

Your neighbors need you.

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