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My Standing Desk

Several of you reached out through social media asking me to elaborate on the standing desk that I mentioned in my 4 Health Tips blog post. 

So here is my standing desk in all it's awesome glory:

Here's my standing desk at work!

Here's my standing desk at work!

While appearance-wise it may be lacking 'pizzazz', it has proven to work perfectly for me and cost me exactly $0 to acquire. The desk is actually intended to be sat at and my computer 'station' was originally used as a shelf. I just so happen to be exactly the right height (pun intended) to be able to comfortably use my computer while it sits on the former shelf.

I started using my desk like this after about two months at work because: 

  1. I wanted to try out a standing desk and see if I could discern any health benefits from it (like I had read about here)
  2. I figured it would prevent me from getting tired everyday at 2pm
  3. And I was tired of people bumping into my chair whenever they walked behind me.

And all 3 of those reasons have been resolved since I started using my standing desk over a 15 months ago.  

I'm not the only one in my office to use a standing desk, however, and all the staff have the same dimensions and desk space to start with. One of my good friends who is quite a bit taller than me (not really that hard to accomplish) uses the same set up except he has the addition of a box under his laptop to get it to the right height for him to type comfortably. 

Nothing fancy, but super useful and cost-effective. And I plan on using a standing desk for as long as possible (especially if someone buys me one of these).

If you're bought into living a healthier life and want to learn more about different options for standing desks, here's a great overview of the best on the market. Depending on your needs and budget, you can easily find the right fit for you.

What are your thoughts on standing desks? Yea or nay?

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7 Days. 7 Highlights.

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