We must live as global-minded Christians who are active on a local level. This blog is a conversation to equip and challenge you to live glocally.

The beginning.

The beginning.

I've heard it said that in order to get anywhere you just have to start walking. That the road to something meaningful starts with the first imperfect step. Well, that's what this website is. 

My first step. 

For several years I have dreamed about sharing my life experiences and lessons I have learned with others. In fact, I get to do just that on an inconsistent basis in different sermons and speeches I give. But I've felt a burning passion to do more. And I truly believe that by journeying together, learning from each other, and working as a community - that we can change the world. 

So this website is me stepping into the unknown to share with you about living a life of compassion and effective leadership.

Compassion + Leadership. 

That is the focus of this website. The intersection of a life of compassion and a life of leadership. 

Join me in this journey of learning. In this journey of living. In this journey of creating a better tomorrow, together. 

Let's get started!

Do Email Better

Do Email Better

Coming February 2016