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Don't Wait. Vote Today.

Don't Wait. Vote Today.

As Election Day here in the United States rapidly approaches, discussion online and around the water cooler is all focused on this election and the candidates running for various offices. These conversations can get exhausting and heated at times. And to call this election cycle "unprecedented" would be an understatement. 

Before I go any further, let me say that: Yes, this is a post about voting - but no, it isn't really a post about the election.

I'm not going to provide five bullet-point reasons why you should vote for a particular candidate or party platform. There are plenty of those articles saturating our newspapers and news feeds.

Here's what I do believe: 

You absolutely need to vote. Today. 

We don't need to wait until November 8th to let our voice be heard (and no I'm not referring to early voting). Real change in our country will not come through a ballot. No one party or candidate is going to "save us." 

And while most of us would agree that no candidate is the answer to all of our problems - our rhetoric communicates something very different. 

Various individuals are voicing support for candidates based upon the "good of humanity" and the belief that the other candidate "will destroy our democracy." If you didn't know any better, you'd be led to believe that these candidates do have the potential to be our saviors. 

Now voting on Election Day is important - it's a great right and responsibility we have as citizens of this country. So make sure you do show up at your local polling station on November 8th!

But if you truly want to see change in our country, you can't limit your civic engagement to one day and one ballot. 

You have to vote with every day of your life:

  • Through volunteering with organizations you believe in
  • Raising awareness for social issues you are passionate about
  • Peacefully protest 
  • Boycott things you are against and financially back things you support
  • Get informed and get involved

Vote through action (and inaction) in your every day lives. 

Because one candidate won't change society. That's never how real change happens. Once you get politicians involved in anything important - things get political (read: potentially corrupt). 

But everyday people like you and me can change the world when we move in one direction together. 

That's how we, as Americans, achieved great things such as: independence, women's suffrage, and racial equality. 

Politics may or may not bring real change about in our country, but you and I can bring about real change in our communities and cities. 

So vote today.

With what you wear, where you go, what you say, and what you do. 

People can debate the value of your ballot vote on Nov. 8th, but we can definitely bring change through our daily votes. 

What are you voting for with your life? 

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