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What Is The Answer?

What Is The Answer?

If I were to sum up 2016 thus far I could use one single word: hate. 

Maybe it's just me but it seems as if we are bombarded with hate like never before through new avenues opened up by the evolution of the internet, technology, and weaponry. 

Whether it be through violence or words, the stock price of hate seems to be skyrocketing.
— Jeremy Height

Hate is essentially the absence of love. The absence of caring for anyone other than one's self. The rooting for the worst for another. And often times, acting on those feeling. 

Now hate is not a new phenomenon, the history of humanity is scarred with irreparable consequences of hate and evil. (Yesterday, marked the anniversary of the death of Alexander Hamilton because of a hate-filled rivalry that resulted in a life-ending duel with Aaron Burr.) But our modern world seems to have developed the 'tools' to unleash it in ways that were once unimaginable and completely heartbreaking. 

And I am left asking the question, what do we do? 

What is the answer? To the violence. To the evil. To the hate. To the brokenness.

And I believe the answer is twofold: 

  1. Jesus: As it is recounted in the Bible, Jesus Christ came to earth over 2,000 years as "God with us" to fight hate. His life, death, and resurrection back to life defeated evil and her companion - death. Jesus is the answer to the hate in our world. His love for each of us permeates time and space and can heal the brokenness in each of us. 
  2. You and Me: And Jesus, the answer to hate, is unleashed on the world through - us. When you and I share love unconditionally, advocate for peace and justice, and help others we are both fighting evil and sharing Jesus with our broken world. For those of us who are Christ followers, Jesus has and is healing the brokenness, evil and hate in our own lives. And He has called us to share that healing and love with the world. 

So what are YOU going to do about the hate in the world? 

We each need to do something. Our world NEEDS us. All of us and each of us. The rest of 2016 (and the years ahead) will only be filled with peace and love if we unleash it through our own lives. 

Hate is not the answer. It never has been and never will be. 

I posted that quote on Instagram weeks ago and - tragically - it is still applicable today. 

So let's spread love and peace today. Bring hope to the world. 

Start with your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends. Those like you and those you have nothing in common with. 

Share Christ's love with everyone your life intersects with

Today, be the answer.



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