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Our Growing Family Tree

Our Growing Family Tree

"Join me in welcoming the newest additions to the Africa West Field family - Jeremy, Reetu, and Zane Height!" 

As we stood up from our seats and held our three month old son up to the warm applause, I (Jeremy) was struck for the first time with the truth in that introduction.

We are joining a new family as we move to Senegal this fall. 

Now that's not to say that we are separating from our current 'families' (read: biological family, friends, coworkers, and church family), but we are adding an entirely new branch to our family tree. 

It's sort of like a marriage in a way. 

We are bringing together our pre-existing network/family and joining together with the beautiful, global, and diverse family known as the Church of the Nazarene on the Africa West Field. 

This introduction occurred just a few weeks ago as our new boss, Rev. Dany, introduced us at a luncheon for church leaders, missionaries, and supporters of the Africa West Field (AWF). It was humbling to be a part of a gathering where dozens of individuals and families shared about how they were connected with West Africa and how that relationship had forever impacted their lives. 

And as we step into this new family, we invite you to join the "West Africa family" as well. 

Here are 3 ways you can partner with us: 

  • One of Jeremy's responsibilities will be in the area of communications and we will need partners in the United States to help with graphic design projects, and also to help share the stories we will be gathering from throughout West Africa. Sharing stories will consist of telling your friends (both on and off-line) and your local church about the stories we can can send directly to you as one of our partners. If you are interested in partnering with us in either way, email Jeremy at theheightfamily@gmail.com.
  • We will also be assisting with Work & Witness teams coming to AWF. If you would be interested in planning a mission's trip with us in the next few years, let us know! (Here's one opportunity you can partner with us on: West Africa Well Project.)
  • Pray for our whole family during this time of transition. We have now officially moved out of our house and will be living with our families until our departure for Senegal in November. The next several months will be filled with a lot of traveling, speaking, and planning as we prepare to serve on the AWF. Your prayers are greatly needed during a time of a lot of change in our lives (including learning how to be parents for a 3 month old!).

As we grow our family tree in joining the Africa West Field, we invite you to grow your family tree as well. Whether that be through prayer, financial support, or a particular skillset - we would love to have you partner with us in continuing the spread of Jesus' Good News in West Africa!

The beauty of the Kingdom of God is that adding to our family does not subtract from it in any way. There is always more room at the table!

As we leave our beloved family and friends, we do so to add to our family and bring more people to the table.

Yes, we are leaving behind our family here in the United States. But we know this: we have eternity to spend with God’s family.

Yet there are individuals that don’t yet know that God has called them to join His family. That He sacrificed His life for them to join the family of God.

And God is calling our family to Senegal to help grow that family.

We will spend eternity with you - the beautiful and global family of our God.

And we are being sent to share with others this invitation to spend eternity in this family of God.

So, will you us in growing God's family tree?

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Our Schedule For August 2017

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