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Senegal -> Ghana

Senegal -> Ghana


As we got our fourth refill of tortilla chips and emptied out the salsa verde bottle on our quesadillas and tacos, our friend said something very simple. 

Saying yes to being missionaries is saying yes to a life of constant change. 

That muggy August evening as we sat in a brightly colored booth in our favorite Indianapolis Mexican establishment, speaking over the soccer announcers on the blaring T.V.'s, we could not have imagined how true those words from that former missionary would be.

Four months ago, we packed up our lives and moved our small family to the other side of the globe to our new home in Dakar, Senegal. When we arrived, we assumed Dakar would be our home for years to come and that Zane would grow up here as we would build deep roots while we served the Church in West Africa. 

But God had a different plan. 

And now we are one month away from relocating our family to Accra, Ghana - the new headquarters for our missions' organization in West Africa. 

Since we have arrived in West Africa, there have been several great leaders who have stepped into new roles within the Church of the Nazarene - the organization we are serving with. These leadership changes have also resulted in the base of our ministry work in West Africa being moved from Dakar to Accra. 

Constant change.

Our former missionary friend was right.

While we will continue in our current roles (Reetu as Finance Coordinator and Jeremy as Partnership Coordinator), we will just be doing it from a new geographic location. 

Can we be transparent with you for a minute?

This move will be hard.

We have made some wonderful friends here in Dakar. We love our church and church family. We have learned enough French and Wolof to navigate daily life and are finding creative ways to connect with new people in the city.

We spent over a year preparing and praying for Senegal, knowing that it was about to become our home.

And now we are moving again. 

Don't get us wrong. We are very excited about our move to Accra. We will be working alongside some amazing members of our team. Men and women from across the African continent who are spearheading amazing missions' work here in West Africa. From our new headquarters in Accra, we will be able to be more centrally located to the amazing work of God across West Africa and we will be positioned better to visit much of that work across multiple countries.

But goodbyes are hard nonetheless.

And as we prepare for this move, we ask you for your continued prayers for our family. For Zane to handle this transition well and to stay healthy in the coming weeks (he's been struggling with the dusty conditions here in Dakar currently), and for his parents as we pack up our belongings again and prepare for the next chapter in our family's ministry.

We know that God's plan is the best path for our family, and we look forward to what the future holds for our family as we continue serve in West Africa! 

Thank you for continuing to journey with our family.

-Jeremy, Reetu, and Zane 

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