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A Note For The Indianapolis Nazarene District

A Note For The Indianapolis Nazarene District


Just a year ago, we sat in the sanctuary of Indianapolis 1st Church of the Nazarene with many of you as part of the Nazarene Missions International Convention. Sitting in the back row with our one-week-old son, we celebrated with you how God is at work in and through the Indianapolis District. 

We were honored that day when our family was one of two new missionary families recognized by the district as you prayed for us and commissioned us out for our upcoming move to West Africa. 

Much has happened over the last twelve months hasn't it? We had a wonderful District Assembly and ordination service. We celebrated another Spirit-filled General Assembly as a denomination. Our family ended our jobs in Indianapolis and began traveling for deputation services across central Indiana and the Midwest (and we were blessed to spend time with many of your congregations!). 

And then our family moved to Senegal last December, which has been our home for the last five months, to begin serving as Nazarene missionaries.

Now we are on the brink of another year of change and amazing potential - both for the Heights and for the Indianapolis Nazarene District. 

For the Heights, we are preparing to relocate to Accra, Ghana, this May as the Nazarene headquarters in West Africa is relocated from Dakar (Senegal) to Accra. We are currently re-packing all our belongings and spending as much time as we can with our friends, neighbors, and church family here in Dakar. (Reach out to us for our new mailing address.)

In fact, this last Sunday (April 8th) our family had the privilege of having Zane dedicated by Rev. Dany Gomis (the Nazarene Regional Director of Africa) in the same service where Jeremy had the opportunity to preach for the first time here in Senegal. And this upcoming Sunday we celebrate Zane's first birthday (April 15th)!

For the Indianapolis Nazarene District, you are stepping into another church year and another amazing opportunity to make Christlike disciples in the nations - through our outreach ministry in our local congregations, church planting, supporting the World Evangelism Fund, discipling new believers & emerging leaders, and engaging in missions around the world. 

The Indianapolis Nazarene District (has and) will continue to impact the nations for Christ. 

In the coming weeks the Indianapolis Nazarene District will hold several conventions, celebrating God's work in the last 12 months and passionately engaging the coming 12 months for new victories in the Kingdom of God.  

You, our Nazarene church family, will continue to be in our family's prayers in the coming days. These conventions are important mile-markers in the life of our district and we believe that God can and will do amazing new things through the Indianapolis Nazarene District in the coming weeks and months. 

For all of us - the Height family and the Indianapolis Nazarene District - we are called to love God passionately and love others relentlessly.

We are called to love God and love others in our everyday lives, in our local churches, and as a district. 

When we do that, when we focus ourselves on loving God and loving others through missions, discipleship, children and youth ministry, church planting, and prayer - the world will be forever changed. 

Our family has been forever changed by the Indianapolis Nazarene District and by many of you as you have loved God and others. 

That is our prayer, that this church year will be a year marked by loving God and loving others - through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

So, our Indianapolis Nazarene District family, let us spend this coming year changing the world. 

Let's love God and love others in new, beautiful, and redeeming ways. 

-The Heights

p.s. - Keep an eye out for an update from update from our family at the NMI convention!

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