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Stories, Miracles, and Next Steps

Stories, Miracles, and Next Steps

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.
— C. S. Lewis

Miracles, the Bible recounts several throughout it's time-tested pages and, yet, we are sometimes left asking if they are still a reality today. 

I believe miracles still happen. 

Because this story that Lewis refers to in the quote above is about a God who created everything. But darkness tried to steal it all. So God became human, lived the life of a human, died, but yet didn't stay dead.  

And through His resurrection and ascension, God defeated death and sin and darkness. 

God created beauty and has been redeeming that beauty ever since it was first attacked. 

And miracles are glimpses of this redemptive work happening. When we look close enough, we can see these miracles throughout the story of our lives:

  • When a friend stuck with us through the darkest times. 
  • When a loved one recovered their health when medicine said they were beyond hope.
  • When we couldn't make ends meet, but the finances somehow 'multiplied' enough to cover what we needed. 

Whenever we found beauty where we shouldn't have been able to find it. When God showed up when we thought all hope was lost. That's a miracle. 

And that's the story of human history. 

And we (Jeremy, Reetu and Zane) are excited to be taking our next step of obedience as we join the Africa West Field. We know that God has been working miracles and redeeming His Creation in those countries since Christ's death on the cross. 

And we are humbled to be able to jump into the midst of that story. Into the midst of God's miracles there in West Africa. 

But we have a lot of work to do between now and when we leave for Senegal this November. We will be going through several trainings, learning French, moving in with family, and working to share our story and raise the financial support we need to allow us to jump into the miraculous work of God on the Africa West Field. 

As a family, we greatly appreciate your prayers and we would love to stay connected with you throughout our time serving on the Africa West Field with our Nazarene Church family. 

We would love to come share our story with your church family! Schedule a time for us to come speak by contacting us at: theheightfamily@gmail.com.

You can support us financially as we serve on the Africa West Field by either:

  • Clicking here: Support the Heights
  • Writing a check to:
    • Address: Global Treasury Services Church of the Nazarene
    • P.O. Box 843116
    • Kansas City, MO 64184-3116
    • Check payable to: General Treasurer Church of the Nazarene
    • Memo line: Height Family Deputation

And follow along with us as we prepare for our move in 2017 and as we join the movement of the Kingdom of God in the Africa West Field. You can read our blog updates here, subscribe to our email list, or contact us at: theheightfamily@gmail.com.

Thanks for joining us as we join the redemptive work of God and His Church in West Africa

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Our Growing Family Tree

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