Living the compassion of Jesus

Our Final Month In the USA


It's hard to believe that we will be boarding a plan for Senegal in 31 days! 

As we wrap up this chapter of our lives, we hope to see you - our friends and family - one last time before we depart! 

Here is where we will be speaking (and some other updates) during the month of November.

We will be speaking on: 

Other things happening this month include: 

  • Throughout November: We are meeting one-on-one with families and individuals (including some of you reading this!) to share more about the work of the Church in West Africa and how you can partner with us in the years to come.
  • Sometime in November: Shipping our belongings (crib, diapers, clothes, books, diapers, kitchenware, and...more diapers) to Dakar, Senegal.
  • November 21st: Reetu celebrates her 26th birthday!  

Make sure we see you this month! 

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