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Updates From Our Family (September 2017)

Updates From Our Family (September 2017)

Here are the countries we will be working in when we move to Senegal in December.

Here are the countries we will be working in when we move to Senegal in December.

This past week has been one of big change as we (Reetu and Jeremy) ended our current employment here in Indianapolis and enter full time into preparations, training, and fundraising for serving in West Africa. 

We'll be serving on what is entitled the "Africa West Field" (the 14 countries in the image above) with our sending organization, the Church of the Nazarene. We will both be serving on a team that supports local church leaders and helps facilitate community development, compassionate ministry, and church planting throughout the Africa West Field (AWF). 

So we have now officially started our preparations for moving to Dakar, Senegal, on December 2nd!

Here are a few updates from August: 

  • We wrapped up both of our wonderful jobs here in Indianapolis and said goodbye to some wonderful organizations and great friends. 
  • We successfully viewed the solar eclipse without burning our eyes! (Here is Jeremy's failed attempt at a solar eclipse selfie.)
  • We are moving in with Reetu's mother (who also lives in Indy) as Jeremy's family prepares for his sister's (Jill) wedding at the end of September. (We've been living with Jeremy's parents for the last two months.)
  • This month we celebrated 6 years of being a couple (both dating and married) and were able to have an all-too-rare date tonight together.

Also, we had the opportunity this past month to share about our upcoming work in West Africa at both Tipp City Church of the Nazarene (Ohio) and St. Louis Church of the Nazarene (Michigan). Here are a few pictures from those trips:

August was a wonderful month as we wrapped up one chapter of our life and we are excited to jump into this next chapter!

Here is where we will be visiting in September: 

  • September 10: College Church of the Nazarene - University Avenue (Bourbonnais, Illinois).
    • We will be sharing in a few Sunday School classes at the church we attended our first year of marriage during Jeremy's grad school program.
  • September 11: Olivet Nazarene University (Bourbonnais, Illinois). 
    • While we are in the Bourbonnais area, we will also connect with multiple friends and mentors from our time as students at Olivet. 
  • September 16-21: East Ohio. 
    • We will be speaking at multiple churches throughout East Ohio over these six days. 
  • September 22-23: Work and Witness Conference (Gahanna, Ohio). 
    • During this conference, we will be sharing about mission trip opportunities in West Africa.
  • September 23-24: Lima Community Church (Lima, Ohio). 
    • We will wrap up the month of September by sharing in both the Saturday and Sunday worship services at Lima Community. 

We'd love to see you at one of these churches or events! Or, if you're traveling through (or live in!) central Indiana - we'd love to meet up with you!

And here are a couple prayer requests for the coming weeks: 

  • We are ramping up our studies of French as we prepare for language school in Dakar. Pray that we will be able to build up our French vocabulary in the weeks ahead!
  • Pray for traveling mercies and safety as we travel across the Midwest throughout this month and will spend a large amount of time on the road. 
  • Pray for Zane as he has begun teething and is dealing with the discomfort and fussiness that accompanies the teething process. We'd especially appreciate your prayers for his discomfort to subside while we are on the road.

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Oh, and we can't end without another photo of our son Zane Veer: 

We hope you have wonderful start to you September!

-Reetu, Jeremy, and Zane Veer

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