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7 Days. 7 Highlights.

7 Days. 7 Highlights.

The whole point of granite, that it is hard and durable, is also the reason it is difficult to mine and process. It has to be carefully removed from quarries in large thin slabs, so you can’t just go in with dynamite and bulldozers. Careful handling means handwork, which requires people with drills and chisels, hammers and crowbars gently working the granite out of the ground. And in India, the most cost effective way to achieve that is slavery.
— Blood and Earth: Modern Slavery, Ecocide, and the Secret to Saving the World

It's Big Ten Basketball Championship weekend here in Indianapolis, which means alot of great basketball is going on near my house! (And that there is no street parking.)

And while you are glued to your television watching college basketball this weekend (like me) check out these 7 stories, thoughts, and resources that I've been learning from this week:

  1. We all were just part of "the world's largest blind taste test" and we didn't even know it. Yes, Kraft changed their Mac and Cheese recipe without telling anyone. (spoiler: it's still not good for us though).
  2. "A common trait among successful people is that they have friends who expect them to move on up."

  3. Research is showing that college degrees benefit rich students more than students faced with poverty. More info here.

  4. The refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe will most likely be one of the defining events of our lifetime. And in the midst of all the pain, death, and heartbreak - here's one uplifting story: a team of refugees will be competing in the Olympics.

  5. And one of the most well-known Syrian War refugees now lives in Turkey - he is the first Syrian cosmonaut. And he went from famous and rich to exiled and asset-less when he fled the country 4 years ago.

  6. There are two books that I am going to read in the near future (once I get my hands on them). The first one is Blood and Earth by Kevin Bales and is about modern slavery. Read an excerpt here and you can find the book here.

  7. The other book I am looking forward to read is called The Blood on Our Hands by Matt  Robinson (my lead pastor at Second Chance Church!). His new book is about the call on Christians' lives to tell the world about Jesus. (and ALL of the proceeds from the book are going to help fund mission trip this summer!). Check it out here.

Comment below with the inspiring and challenging stories, books, and videos you've been learning from recently.

And let's keep learning together!


Plan Your Week

Plan Your Week

My Favorite Phone App Right Now...Grows Trees.

My Favorite Phone App Right Now...Grows Trees.