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Love > Hate

Love > Hate

The last few days have left me heartbroken. Plain and simple. 

The loss of life is always terrible. 

When such loss stems from hate, it makes the loss even worse because...it could have been avoided. 

A lot of opinions, thoughts, "facts", and stories have been shared in the wake of the mass murder of 49 individuals and the 53 left injured in the Orlando shooting (at the time of writing this). The worst mass shooting in United States history. And I don't think many new thoughts can be added to the conversation as we grieve. 

But one thing I do know, the way forward is love.

How we as individuals, communities, and a nation respond to this horrendous tragedy will define us Americans for years (and maybe generations) to come. 

And I implore of you:

Choose love. 

Live love.

Spread love. To your neighbors and friends and on social media and the Internet. 

Light can and will defeat darkness. 

Love can and will defeat hate. 

Evil will not win.

Now it did cut us all terribly deep Sunday morning. But we cannot let evil and hate win. How we respond today, and next week, and next year will define how we heal from this wound and move forward as a nation. 

As a family of Americans. 

I invite you to join me in choosing love. Help be a light in this terribly dark time in our nation's history. 

Choose Love. 

Love > Hate. 


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