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It's Not Too Late To Complete Those New Year's Resolutions

It's Not Too Late To Complete Those New Year's Resolutions

Where were you last December 31st? 

Prepping for a party? Traveling with family? Taking a nap so you would be awake to see the ball drop in NYC? 

Perhaps you spent part of the final 24 hours of 2015 doing what so many others did - creating a list of New Year's resolutions to accomplish in the upcoming year. 

I find Wikipedia's definition of a New Year's resolution absolutely hilarious. It defines such a resolution as "a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year's Day." (italics mine)

Did you make any goals for 2016? 

How many of them have you completed so far? 

If you're like most of us - probably not many of them have been accomplished yet.

Maybe if we aimed for easy goals such as opening doors for people we might be slightly more successful with them.

But the year is not over right? 

We still have slightly more than 2 months left to make progress on our resolutions for this year. 

Here's my challenge for you: No matter how many resolutions you started off with on January 1st, what is one goal you can push yourself to accomplish before 2017 arrives? 

Choose 1 goal to achieve in the remaining weeks of 2016. 

What will it be? 

My year started off with 5 goals for 2016: 1) Learn Punjabi (my in-law's first language), 2) Get my website off the ground, 3) Get in better shape, 4) Spend more time with God, and 5) Go on more dates with my wife. 

Some I've done pretty well at (numbers 2, 4, and 5) but others have plenty of room for improvement (numbers 1 and 3). I have been blogging for about 10 months now, have used technology and scheduling to increase my time spent with God, and have prioritized consistent date nights with my wife. But learning a non-Latin based language and decreasing my body fat percentage have proven to be more difficult ventures. 

While I am starting to work on my goals for 2017 already, I have one goal for the end of this year: learn more Punjabi. 

And I welcome you keeping me accountable on it. 

I need to be able to have more conversations with my wife's family and the best way to do that is to learn as much Punjabi as I can. 

So that's my one goal for the rest of 2016. 

Here are 3 steps I challenge you to take: 

  1. Choose the one goal you can make progress on in the last 2 months of this year.
  2. Share in the comment section below what that goal is.
  3. Share with others (either in person or online) what that goal is for a little positive accountability on that goal. 

Ready. Set. Go! 

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