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You Have A Specific Mission: Fact or Fiction?

You Have A Specific Mission: Fact or Fiction?

What do you want to do with your life? 

Have you ever been asked that question? Or have you ever asked yourself that question? 

We have grown up in a world that has sold us on this narrative: we each have one AMAZING, AWESOME, UNIQUE calling in our life which we need to discover and chase with reckless abandon. You are special. You can change the world. Discover your meaning and pursue it. 

We're fed this steady diet of uniqueness and meaning right?

Here's the thing I've been wrestling with for the last few weeks: maybe the whole "discover your inner-calling" concept is a farce. Maybe it's an oversimplification to believe that we need to uncover our mission in life. 

I came to the point of struggling with this after I listened to this EntreLeadership podcast interview with Simon Sinek. In this interview, Simon suggests that maybe we don't have to uncover our mission in life - maybe we just need to choose one. 

There are amazing missions being pursued by various people, organizations, and churches throughout the world. Maybe we don't need to uncover our own personalized, unique mission in life as much as we need to select a pre-existing one that excites our soul, unleashes our skills, and aligns with our passions and beliefs.  

For those of us in the Generation of Change (my alternative term for 'millenials'), maybe we need to stop spending so much time trying out a little bit of everything and seeking to discover the one BIG and UNIQUE thing we need to spend our lives on. 

Maybe we need to just pick something. And run with it. 

And I don't think whatever we pick is something that we are contractually obligated to for the rest of our lives. 

We can pursue something full-tilt for a season in our lives and still have the freedom to change course down the road. 

So this is the question I am wrestling with: Do I need to uncover my mission or choose one? 

What I do know is that we need to start acting NOW. If we spend years trying to figure out our mission, we will never actually do anything meaningful. So we need to be engaged now, anywhere and everywhere we are. 

What do you think? How are you trying to figure out your mission? 

Have you figured out the one thing to dedicate your time to? If so, how? Comment below!

This is a question that is important and I am spending alot of time wrestling with, so I'd appreciate your thoughts and wisdom as well!

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