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The One App That Is Helping My Prayer Life

The One App That Is Helping My Prayer Life

I get distracted. 

Really easily. 

Like really easily. 

My mind can jump from the Sermon on the Mount to a football game in under 3 seconds. 

How's your attention span? Did you click on that random football field link above? 

If you did, then you might be in the same boat as me. My embarrassingly short attention span has always made my prayer life...well...difficult. 

And though my prayer life has improved over the years, I still find it a difficult discipline to spend prolonged periods of time in prayer. 

Yet, surprisingly, technology has started to help me with it. 

The app that is helping me with my prayer life is called Pray As You Go. 

Pray As You Go is an app that provides you with an audio file to listen to everyday which leads you through Scripture, song, and guided prayer to aid you in your Christian journey. 

For me, I have found it extremely beneficial because it helps me focus my prayer time in the mornings and its structure keeps my mind from getting too derailed from my line of thought in my prayers. And I've never tried anything like this before so it keeps my focus better as well. 

Simply put, it helps guide you in your prayers and stay focused on Scripture and God. 

It's a simple app. But it is high return for the investment (especially since it is absolutely free to download and use!) 

You can get in on iTunes here and Google Play here.

I've been using the Pray As You Go app for a few weeks now and am seeing real growth in my prayer life from simply increasing the frequency of my time with God. 

Check it out and comment below with what you think of the app. Let me know if you find it beneficial in your own prayer life and what is your favorite part of the app!


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